Cosmetic surgery may provide the opportunity for you to feel better about how you look. It is different from reconstructive surgery, which may be performed to correct a deformity caused by illness or trauma. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery together are called plastic and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic Clinic Jacksonville provides a multidisciplinary approach with well-trained surgeons dedicated to providing you with quality cosmetic surgery.

Everyone begins life with skin which is smooth and baby soft. As we frown or smile, the muscles under our skin contract to display facial lines of emotions, signifying happiness, sadness or anger. As soon as the emotions return to normal, these expression lines disappear. But as we go through a lifetime of emotions and our skin begins to lose its elasticity, these facial lines do not go away completely. Over time these lines become more prominent and we appear to look older than we feel, or we look tired or angry even when we're not. If you are concerned about frown lines, wrinkles, furrows or crows feet, the Wheaton Eye Clinic can help. Using the most modern tools and techniques, our ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon can make you look and feel younger in a very short period of time.


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