Diabetes is your personal diabetes medical care centre on the net that helps you live better by managing your diabetes well. Studies have proved that good control of diabetes lowers the risk of complications affecting the nerves, kidney, heart, eye and other organs. Tight control of blood glucose level is only possible with constant interaction between the patient and the physician. Frequent visits to the doctor poses lot of inconvenience and one tends to put off the visits.

Realizing the importance of the patient-doctor interaction, we at Diabetes Clinic have developed a unique and convenient system where in patients can consult their doctor, with in the comforts of the home. Even if your doctor or you go for a conference or a holiday anywhere in the world, you can still consult him . We have a growing number of doctors registered with us, from different parts of the world. The chances are that your doctor is also registered with us, if not, you can suggest him/ her to register with us and can have the regular consultation with your doctor. However it may be noted that this is only a decision support system and you need to visit your doctor at least once in six months or as prescribed by your doctor.

You can get feedbacks and recommendations from the doctor on your glucose test results for optimal control of your diabetes. The recommendations you get in the site are directly from the doctors and hence you can follow them with full confidence.


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