Children are not miniature adults. Their physical and emotional needs are unique. When ill or injured, they require specialized care and equipment. They deserve a hospital where caregivers know hugs play an important role in healing, where laughter is prescribed in large doses, and where the whole family can find comfort in times of worry and stress.

PH is the sort of full-service facility usually found only in very large cities. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is designated Level III by the state, providing the very highest level of care for premature or sick newborns. The Pediatric Trauma Team, Emergency Department and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit provide immediate, 24-hour-a-day care for critically ill or injured children. Erlanger. No other facility in our region offers these services.

he programs and departments at Children's Hospital include the emergency, trauma and intensive care services mentioned above, as well as cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, pulmonology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, surgery and outpatient surgery, pediatric laboratory, medical genetics, comprehensive cancer and blood disorders, psychology, neurology, radiology, adolescent/young adult medicine, therapy services (audiology, physical and occupational and speech therapy)

To provide the best in children's healthcare requires not just special equipment or training-it takes viewing the world from the unique perspective of children and understanding what they need. Providing this special environment of healing for all children, regardless of their ability to pay, is the daily and ultimate goal of everyone at GPH. No other facility in the region can say they do the same.

He Emergency Department is staffed with licensed physicians and nursing personal to provide treatment for all types of emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The department provides evaluation and treatment for patients up to 21 years of age with varying levels of illness and injury, from minor to life threating. Each patient is triaged to determine the severity of the illness or injury. They are treated in the Emergency Department and either admitted to the hospital or discharged home with follow-up instructions.

The hospital's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) provides sophisticated, 24-hour-a-day treatment for critically ill and injured children. The PICU is staffed with doctors and nurses specifically trained and experienced in the care of critically ill children. Patients in the PICU receive a high level of monitoring and/or treatment until they are well enough to be transferred to a regular patient room or discharged home

Our Care for Child : Right from the time of conception from within the mother till he grows….

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