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GPH stands as the sole private hospital in Nagercoil that caters exclusively to the healthcare needs of women and children. With a focus on providing comprehensive services all under one roof, the hospital has garnered a global reputation for delivering exceptional quality care. Our team of medical professionals, nursing staff, and clinical experts are dedicated to providing personalized attention and top-notch care to our patients. The hospital’s state-of-the-art facilities and consulting rooms have also earned the trust and preference of esteemed consultants.



Dr Gopala Pillai, Our Founder was a Pioneer in Healthcare in Kanyakumari district who understood the medical needs of the populace. Dr.Gopala Pillai was born in a small village called Manavalakuruchi, and went on to graduate in medicine from the Madras Medical college in the year 1920.

He was the first to feel the need for a Modern Nursing home for the health care requirements of the citizens of Nagercoil / Kanyakumari District & after years of effort, this hospital was founded in 1939.

He treated patients with love & care and many a citizen of Nagercoil have fond memories of him even to this day. Gyneacology and Obstetrics were his areas of Special Care & Concern because he belived that a healthy mother and child are the first steps towards making the society vibrant.He belived in bringing the advances in the world of medicine to the people and was in the fore-front in procuring modern medical equipment.

He was a Philanthropist, helped students and dispensed health care free of cost to the poor & needy patients. He died at a relatively young age of 56. He had by then was the first to have established the concept of modern health care for the people of Kanyakumari District.


Service Recipient Says

Dr.Mini and the staffs are very kind and they give individual attention . they take good care of the patients. I have no words to describe their hospitality. They are the best in Nagercoil. I recovered from myomectomy very fast and got conceived for the second time only because of their motivation, guidance and great care. I am very much thank full to each and everyone there. The caring unit in this hospital is the best.

Krish nu Client

Best Hospital in Nagercoil

Sree Narayanan Client

Hospital Is Good. Doctors are Kindly treatment

Nitheya client

Dr. Mini was caring and kind. Gave individual attention for each patients. Was very supportive during my delivery which was normal.

Asika Client